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The ultimate blogging side hustle! Learn how to use your blogging skills to make money as a digital marketer.

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I went from band director to full-time blogger making nearly $200,000 per year in just two years.

If there's one thing that any blogger (or anyone that's about to jump into the game) finds out, it's that monetizing a blog isn't nearly as easy as all of the income reports out there make it seem.

At least, that's the way it is in the beginning. There are tons of great ways to make money blogging, and strategies like affiliate income, ad revenue, and sponsorships really do work...but there's a catch.

If you don't have massive amounts of traffic, it's hard to make a full-time living as a blogger.

You may be able to make money here and there, but the reality is that you have to have a lot of eyeballs looking at your site to drive significant revenue from your efforts.

That's where this course comes in. Make Money Marketing takes a different approach to blog monetization than anything else out there. It contains the exact strategies that I used early on in my blogging career to make a full-time income, all while still growing my blog at the same time.

Now, I make nearly $200,000 per year with my online blogging and marketing business, and my site reached over 1,000,000 people in 2017 alone.

Providing digital marketing services through your blog is the fastest way to make significant income as a blogger.

I started my personal finance blog, Millennial Money Man, back in 2015 after I had finished paying off $40,000 of student loan debt on my teaching salary in 18 months.

Like a lot of bloggers, I quickly found out that there were a lot of people out there who had done similar things...and now they were blogging about it and working from their computer full-time.

At the time, I was a band director who wasn't very happy with my career choice. My site didn't have much traffic at all, but I still felt like I could do it full-time.

I was that passionate about blogging.

So, I did something crazy...and quit my teaching job just six months starting Millennial Money Man.

Everyone thought I was making a huge mistake, but I believed in myself and thought I could make money quickly as a blogger.

Then, reality set in.

After three months of struggling to bring in any income from my site, I realized that I had to do something else to bring in money. The problem was - I didn't want to give up on my dream.

That's when I had my "lightbulb moment."

I was in the process of purchasing an engagement ring for my wife, and decided to go with a local, family-owned jeweler in my area.

As I was looking through their site for a contact page, I realized that they had a blog.

The best part? It sucked. They had no idea what they were doing!

When I started poking around a little more, I noticed that they were doing all of the same things that I was doing with Millennial Money Man.

They were producing content, driving people to specific places on their site, and trying to reach people through social media. But I could tell that they didn't have someone running their site that actually knew what they were doing.

I contacted them to see if they need any help, and after some back and forth and a few weeks of trying to stay on their radar, they gave me a shot.

Within six months, I had picked up more local business clients and had matched my former teaching salary. I was able to do this work on the side while I grew my blog, and the rest is history.

Now, I run Millennial Money Man full-time, and also manage a small digital marketing agency. I make more money than I ever thought I would in my twenties, and I work from my laptop every single day.

In the Make Money Marketing course, I teach the exact skills and strategies that I learned from running a blog to help small businesses thrive online.

Most small businesses need help reaching customers online, but they don't have someone on their team that knows how to make it happen.

That's exactly what this course is going to teach you how to do.

"Make Money Marketing is an absolute gem for bloggers! Our confidence in branching out and monetizing our blogging skills has skyrocketed. We are so excited to start getting clients and increase our income. Bobby put together an incredibly detailed course that we can't thank him enough for."

- Brittany and Kelan Kline of TheSavvyCouple.com


An in-depth strategy that will teach you how to actually make money through your blog quickly.

The "Make Money Marketing" course is hands down the best web course I have taken in quite sometime. I was able to learn how to run my digital marketing company efficiently and effectively in just a few hours. The videos and resources Bobby provides are both high quality and easy to use. I was able to procure a client just four days after finishing the course. Thanks Bobby!

- Josh of MoneyLifeWax.com

Does this sound familiar?...

You're trying so hard to grow your blog, but not seeing results. You're spending so much time creating content, growing your social media following, and doing everything that the "pros" seem to do without the same results.

New bloggers seem to be passing you up. You're seeing income report after income report from bloggers that have figured out the key to success. As hard as you try, you just aren't seeing the same results.

Losing your motivation. You keep hearing the advice to "push through" and "keep going", and you're wondering if you're wasting your time with this blogging thing. Will it ever really happen for you?

You're tired of your day job but don't see a way out. You keep seeing other people make full-time income online, but you're worried that you'll never figure out how to do it and stay trapped in a job you hate.

Were you nodding your head to anything you just read? Cool. You've found the right course.


If you keep trying the same things that aren't bringing you success, you're spinning your wheels.

I went through all of the same struggles that most bloggers do, until I decided to do something DIFFERENT.

I wasn't going to wait for blogging success to come to me. I went out and took it, and you can too.

Take a second and imagine a world where you...

...start bringing in significant income from your computer. People pay you to help them, using skills that you already learned from blogging

...have money to reinvest into your blog. You are finally able to pay for a nicer website, get the coaching you've wanted, and grow your blog faster using income that you make from marketing.

...aren't struggling to make extra money. Now you can invest more, pay off debt faster, and worry less every day.

...turn your blogging passion into a legitimate full-time job. Most people wish they could get to the point where their blog actually supports them financially, and you're actually doing it.

It happened for me through digital marketing. Now it's your turn.


It's all right there in front of you. If you can run a blog, you have the skills to make this all happen. Now you just have to reach out and take it.

I'd like to introduce you to the Make Money Marketing Course.

You'll learn everything I did to become a full-time blogger and make nearly $200,000 a year from my blog in just two years.

This course contains the exact strategies I used to go from zero online income to a full-time blogger and digital marketer.

I'll show you exactly how to take the skills that you learn from running a blog and channel them to get marketing clients, help small businesses grow, and make great money online. This was life changing for me, and it will be for you too.

"As someone who is excited but overwhelmed about the idea of entering the world of digital influencing, this course was a breath of fresh air. Bobby provided meaningful content that I expect to help expedite the growth of my digital business. I finished each section of each module with fresh ideas and much less anxiety about the how to execute on a specific topic. The Make Money Marketing course is a definite must for anyone interested in reaching others, specifically through blogging, SEO, and social media."

- Jeff of From Sense to Dollars (blog launching soon!)

Oh, you'd like to know what's included? Well, I'm glad you asked.

Class Curriculum

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Here's what you'll learn in each module:

Module 1: Introduction to Marketing

Digital marketing and blogging go hand in hand. Learn exactly which blogging skills translate to marketing services, how to use your blog as a portfolio to get clients, and even how to make an optional marketing website to supercharge your results.

Module 2: Understanding Client Acquisition and Sales

I was a band director with zero sales experience when I got my first client and started making great money through my blog. Discover the exact strategy I recommend for finding the right clients to work with and my system for pitching your services to them.

Module 3: Local Search Engine Optimization for Small Businesses

Every small business needs to have a great online presence in today's business environment, and nothing is more important than being visible in Google's search results. You'll learn exactly what you need to know to provide quick wins for your clients on Google. This includes a simple $500 per client side hustle idea.

Module 4: Local Freelance Writing

If you're a blogger, you already know how to produce killer content. Learn how to shift your mindset to producing great content for local businesses, and exactly what you should charge for freelance articles.

Module 5: Local Social Media Management

Business owners are great at a lot of things, but talking to their customers online through social media isn't usually one of them. You'll discover the exact skills you need to manage the online presence of a business and respond to customer comments and complaints correctly.

Module 6: Successfully Running Your Marketing Business

If there was anything I wish I knew before providing marketing services for clients, it's the business side of the equation. Learn how to invoice clients, how to handle taxes, and even different legal structure options available to you.

Bonuses? Yep. You get a lot of those too.

When you sign up for Make Money Marketing, you'll get access to all of the course modules that are packed with game-changing information. You'll also get access to some GREAT bonus material ($2,500 value) at no additional cost. Here's what's included...

Intermediate and Advanced Search Engine Optimization Strategies

This exclusive training webinar was created by Michael Cottam, one of the top local Search Engine Optimization experts in the country. I paid well over $1,000 for this training (which you won't find anywhere else), and you will get access for free.

Grow Your Audience and Monetize Your Blog Quickly with Facebook Ads

Would you like to learn more about the fundamentals of Facebook ads? I brought in Mike Yanda of Red Dirt Marketing to create an exclusive training on traffic growth and monetization through Facebook ads, just for bloggers. A similar training would cost over $1,500, but this is included in the course at no additional charge.

Free Facebook Ad Guide for Bloggers

This free guide will unlock even more of the secrets to Facebook success and give you a simple, actionable guide to running Facebook ads for your blog!

Pinterest Growth Cheatsheet

My good friend Kristin Larsen of Believe In a Budget makes over $300,000 per year through her online business, and is a Pinterest master. She has created an exclusive, in-depth guide on mastering Pinterest to grow traffic and revenue.

Free course updates and lifetime access to every lesson

The digital marketing world changes over time, but you'll never be caught off guard. I will always provide the latest information to help you stay ahead of the curve, and continue to provide great results for your digital marketing clients.

First I want to let you know that I have been a fan of M$M for a while and it was one of the reasons I began High Five Dad. Going through this course raised my level of respect for Bobby tenfold. This course wasn't some type of get rich quick stuff that is sold across the internet. It was an honest business plan that ANYONE who runs a blog can implement.
Nicely done.

- Eric Holland of HighFiveDad.com

“Make Money Marketing” isn’t just for bloggers. I took the course without owning a blog and found the content to be incredibly informative, practical, and put me in position to go find clients! Step-by-step guidance on every topic you need is right at your fingerprints in basic terms that a non-blogger can easily understand and implement.

Many courses seem to leave important information out such as how to actually set your business up for taxes or protections, but Bobby covers this and so much more! I highly recommend “Make Money Marketing.”

-Herb Willis

So who is the blogger behind the Make Money Marketing Course?

Your Instructor

Bobby Hoyt
Bobby Hoyt

Hi there! My name is Bobby Hoyt and I run Millennial Money Man, a personal finance blog that reaches over 1 million people a year. Previously I was a high school band director, but then quit my job to run my site after blogging for only 6 months!

Now I make nearly $200,000 per year online running Millennial Money Man and my local marketing business.

I've been seen and featured on CNBC, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, Forbes, Reuters, Huffington Post, and many more.

When I'm not blogging or working online, my passions are boating and hanging out with my wife Coral and dog Strider!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like.
Does it matter what blogging niche I'm in?
Not at all! If you can run any type of blog, you can use those skills to make money marketing.
Will this course work for me if I haven't started my blog yet?
Absolutely! I made sure to include soon-to-be bloggers in my beta tests, and all of them loved the course. It will give you a monetization strategy out of the gate.
Do you have to have sales experience to get marketing clients?
Definitely not. I was a high school band director with ZERO sales experience, and I've done well with getting clients. I've included multiple client acquisition strategies to help you have success quickly.
Do you offer refunds?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund. However, I do ask for you to show that you have implemented all of the techniques and strategies contained in the course.
Is there an affiliate program for this course?
Yes! I have included a generous affiliate program, along with tips and strategies you can use to see sales quickly for this course.

The Make Money Marketing Course delivers easy, straight-forward step-by-step instructions for managing the online presence of local businesses. Bobby lays out exactly how he built up his marketing business and how to tackle your own local market. Within a day of enrolling in the course I’d gotten started on the first step to landing a client – a local coffee shop that my wife and I love. This course will easily pay for itself many times over and is perfect for bloggers.

- Dave of MarriedWithMoney.com


It's time to actually make money with your blog.

If you're ready to turn your passion into a dream job, improve your work-life balance, and make great money online, the Make Money Marketing course is the key to making it happen.

Get started now!